Olo Books

Olo means “surfboard of chiefs and kings” in Hawaiian. It also happens to be the name of the Best Dog who Ever Lived (TM).

Olo made us laugh. He made us think. He made us care about the world, and yes, sometimes he made us angry, too. But mostly, he just rocked. Like his book line.

The motto of Olo Books is “Good stories, please.”

We don’t care so much about genre or convention, which means we’ll publish whatever we love. It might be anything from a sweet fantasy about a talking bookstore to a dark tale of Catholic school girls turned vampires to a hard-hitting noir story about a Mohawk man in trouble. It might be autobiographical medical humor. It might be a poem about werewolves.

On the upside, if you have eclectic taste, we promise to do our best not to bore you. On the downside, please use your judgement about what’s appropriate for yourself or your children.

Thanks and please keep checking back as we increase our inventory. Namaste!


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