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10 or more assorted books, 50% discount, free domestic U.S. shipping


2 responses to “Contact

  1. Top 10 “Did a Doctor really just say that?”
    1 I can,t give you anything for pain because you won’t breath………Said to me during colonoscopy as he pushed thru high grade stricture.”I can’t breath because I have a tube up my ass” my reply
    2 After hernia repair bled for 2 hours before anyone noticed required return to OR and hospital admit first Doctor to come to my room first sentence “We have been in touch with your insurance company and your copay for wound vac(due to error!) would be so much we are removing it” My reply “You need to be in touch with your Mal-practice insurance get MY Surgeon and by the way you are too fat to qualify for Surgery”
    3 Temp 102 Dr “Usually a fever 3 days out from surgery is upper respiratory issue we will due urine culture”
    That is my 3 favorites especially the remark about being in touch with my insurance company………..I am still horrified that not only do mistakes happen but that afterwords the Doctors are so bold in the lack of care (must be because they will not get paid for the mistake?) What pissed me off the most was the idea that I WAS NOT AWARE HOW MUCH MY INSURANCE COST ME…….I was offered 25% off the hospital bill after this and I explained 25% is Macy’s sale, you seem to think I am not only stupid(insurance costs) but also cheap……… I am neither got 65% off (OK a little stupid to pay anything!)
    Thanks for letting me share!

  2. Bobbi-Jean, thank you for reading and for writing in. With any luck, you won’t have another seven items to add to your “Did a doctor just say that?” list!

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