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Book Review: Stockholm Syndrome (Dr Hope Sze Medical Mystery Book 4) by Melissa Yi

A five-star review for Stockholm Syndrome.

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A night on call turns into a tense hostage situation for OB resident, Dr Hope Sze, when a man dressed in a burqa pulls out a gun on the hunt for his pregnant girlfriend. Can Hope and friend Tucker stop the bloodshed and talk themselves out of this deadly situation?

This tense and taut short suspense medical thriller is lightened up by the sense of humour Hope injects into the narrative, but everything that can go wrong seems to in this heart-stopping story.

The booze and drug addled antagonist is truly heinous to read and the tension of our two protagonists is palpable as they try to circumvent further shootings whilst keeping themselves safe.

The attention to detail as well as the writing in this thriller is exemplary and I look forward to read more about Dr Hope Sze in future. Although this is my first book in the Dr…

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Stockholm Syndrome: Melissa YI

Melissa Yi’s latest thriller: “a page turner…Dr. Hope Sze is a resident at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Montreal. She is on-call when the labour and delivery unit is turned into a danger zone…an introspective thriller…a shaky, claustrophobic and menacing situation [with] reflective humour as chaos whirls around her.”

Murder in Common

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“… you know how they say money talks? Forget that. Firearms talk. They order. They compel.”

From author Melissa Yi comes a page turner that eases us into 2016. Dr. Hope Sze is a resident at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Montreal. She is on-call when the labour and delivery unit is turned into a danger zone by a man dressed in a burqa who pulls out a gun and shoots.

The book is called an introspective thriller for a reason. Related in first person we are privy to Sze’s thoughts as she deals with a shaky, claustrophobic and menacing situation. Ninety-five per cent of the story takes place in one room while she and Dr. Tucker help a woman deliver her baby.

This while the man Sze silently calls “The Bastard” threatens them at every move. He came to the hospital looking for his girlfriend and the baby she is carrying. He is not a patient…

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Gone Writing

Melissa Yi stars in Kobo’s Going Going Gone contest. Last chance to win $5000 and a Kobo Aura H2O, the world’s first waterproof e-reader!

Kobo Writing Life

By Mark Lefebvre

One of the things I most love about my job is when serendipity leads to an amazing opportunity for a talented writer to be put in front of new readers.

Kobo recently launched an amazing promotion that has partially been a celebration of the new movie version of the bestselling thriller Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and partially a way to celebrate the release of our new deluxe waterproof eReader, the Kobo Auro H20.  (I’m certain if you’re familiar with the novel, you can understand the underlying connection involving water)


The promo is called GOING, GOING, GONE and includes a chance for readers to win $5000 and a Kobo Aura H20 just for reading a series of stories.

And here’s where Kobo Writing Life and serendipity comes into this.

When the marketing team was developing the idea, they needed to find a good writer, ideally a female…

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Black Friday Sale: Dancing Through the Chaos, 50% off!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Dancing Through the Chaos is now on sale for $2.99 (half of the usual retail price).

Three best friends.

One belly dancing class.

Every Monday, on penalty of death or cheesecake.

Kate Zhao, the corporate lawyer, worries mostly about her billable hours and Asian no-ass syndrome…until she gets bushwhacked by a friend request on Facebook. Her best friend/first lover dumped her at age 17, but now that he’s all grown up, he wants to make it up to her.

Hailey St. Laurent, the über-mother of an infant girl, barely makes time for their belly dancing class, until she figures out that she loves it more than her husband.

Gavriella Schumacher, the sassy Jewish engineer, picks up a guy who turns down the fornication.  Is he crazy, or does she smell that bad?

Dancing Through the Chaos.

Sex. City. And a little bit of rhythm.

On special for a limited time only:  $2.99 on the KindleiPad, Kobo, Nook & Sony ereader formats.

She’s baaaack

I’m baaaaack.

That’s right. You can’t keep the Most Unfeeling Doctor in the World away, not even with hate mail and one-star reviews (been there, done that, don’t need any more T-shirts, thanks). If you’re tired of empathy and all that patient-centred milk of human kindness mumbo jumbo, roll with me, baby.

This collection is called unplugged for a few reasons. Not only is “unplugged” a fun ’90s musical reference, but also defines it as “to remove an obstruction from.”

And you, the readers of my first Unfeeling Doctor book, have helped me remove an obstruction, namely, any of my lingering doubts about indie publishing. Thank you so much for (temporarily) driving The Most Unfeeling Doctor in the World into the top 0.15 percent of Kindle sales. I now officially consider indie publishing a splendid shortcut for readers to access writers and vice versa. So that’s why I have unleashed a tidal wave of material on you, including these all-new, all-original essays about life in the medical lane.

As for the haters…I once met a guy in Montreal whose T-shirt said, “I Heart Haters.” I pointed at it and said, “Why would you do that?”

He smiled. “Because if I hated them, I would be just like them.”

Whoa. I don’t know if I can go there yet. But in the meantime, I can at least unplug. And you can come with me.

Available on the Kindle and Kobo, iPad, Nook and all other popular devices.

The Notorious Doctor Is in the House

Notorious D.O.C.

Eight years ago, someone ran over a young doctor who asked too many questions. Today, at the still-grieving mother’s request, resident doctor Hope Sze untangles the cold case before the killer silences Hope, too.

This time, the sociopath won’t back down. But neither will Hope–or the two men vying for her attention.

Hope deserves a rest after solving a murder last month. Unfortunately, the sociopath wants to make sure the now-notorious “detective doctor” rests in a shallow grave.

The sequel to Code Blues. Written by an emergency physician trained in the crumbling corridors of Montreal.

Available on the Kindle & Smashwords

She’s making a List and checking it thrice.

Oona Mak’s done the smart thing all her life. As an English teacher, she helps high school kids figure out life and literature. She married a kinder, gentler engineer in a perfect wedding.

Except now her husband wants to schtup someone else and Oona could

a) Divorce him, teach summer school and cry in her friends’ iced tea.  (Naaaaah. Except for the divorce.)

b)  Try to work things out with her husband and turn her grief into something socially acceptable like buying Moroccan lamps and bleaching her teeth.  (You’re joking, right?)

c) Run through her List. Bingo.

Don’t we all have a List? The first guy you really loved, the guy who got away, the guy you never paid attention to in high school until he morphed into a McDreamy-McSteamy combo and now you’d give him a second chance?

The List of all the guys you coulda-woulda-shoulda.

Now Oona can. She will. And she should.

The List.

Because a few good men are the best revenge.

On Kindle & Nook, Sony, iPad, Kobo