Grief and Loss

Melissa Yuan-Innes has partnered with the extremely talented D. Antonia Truesdale to publish a book called Your Baby Is Safe:  an Illustrated Book for Anybody who Has Loved and Lost a Little One.

It’s so hard to express this kind of grief.  We are making a small book with simple words and clear images to try and bring some peace to the bereaved parents.
If you yearn to hold your baby,
If your love still burns,
If your heart is broken,
Or if you want to comfort to someone walking this road,
This book is for you.
“The words and imagery are wonderful….I hope it provides many people with some comfort and thought.”  Maggie McVay Lynch, Ed.D.
Some of you may already know the inspiring and kind artist, D. Antonia Truesdale, but here she is, in her own words:
Through clay, my aim is to capture the human spectrum of emotion, from very bright to very raw. My sculptures may make you laugh, cry, reel or heal but ultimately my goal is that they confront feeling in the face and are something tangible and touchable to relate to.  

To date I currently have artwork in 34 countries around the world and am humbled beyond compare each time someone allows my artwork to honor the legacy of their little one who touched the stars too soon.  To learn more about my heart’s work, you can find my collections at
Your Baby Is Safe is now on sale as a deluxe hardcover edition on archival quality paper at;
as a paperback book through Createspace and all major bookstores;
as an ebook on Amazon;
and a mini-ebook through iPad, Kobo, Nook & Sony ereader formats.
Cover design by Stephanie Mooney.

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