Medical Mysteries

All Hope Sze books now available at R&L’s Book Nook in Alexandria.

Code blues cover 2013 EBOOK-200

Dr. Hope Sze rolls into Montreal with three simple goals:  1) survive her family medicine residency, 2) try pain au chocolat, 3) go on a date sometime in the next two years.

Then she discovers a doctor’s body in the locker room.

When she tries to uncover his killer, two men are more than willing to help her.  The one man with charm to burn, the one man who makes her melt, has zero alibi.

Code Blues.  Sex, drugs, and doctors.  Written by an emergency physician trained in the crumbling corridors of Montreal.

Available as an e-book or in trade paperback.

Preview also available on Wattpad.


Notorious POD cover 2013 EBOOK-200

Eight years ago, someone ran over a young doctor who asked too many questions.

Today, at the still-grieving mother’s request, resident doctor Hope Sze untangles the cold case before the killer silences Hope, too.

This time, the sociopath won’t back down. But neither will Hope–or the two men vying for her attention.

Hope deserves a rest after solving a murder last month. Unfortunately, the sociopath wants to make sure the now-notorious “detective doctor” rests in a shallow grave.

The sequel to Code Blues. Written by an emergency physician trained in the crumbling corridors of Montreal.

Available as an e-book or in trade paperback.


“Entertaining and insightful.” –Publishers Weekly

terminally ill eBook_final 200

Magic? Dr. Hope Sze steers clear of magic.
But when “Elvis the Escape King” chains and nails himself inside a coffin and lowers himself into Montreal’s St. Lawrence River, he can’t break free.
So Hope restarts his heart and saves his life. But now Elvis demands to know who sabotaged his stunt.
Hope hung up her amateur detective badge two months ago in order to tend to cancer patients on palliative care. The only cases she solves right now are case studies on pain and over-stuffed emergency rooms.
Which gets just the tiniest bit boring.
Hope could escape Montreal any day now. She could transfer to Ottawa to join her beloved ex-boyfriend, Ryan. No more unspeakable Montreal drivers and stymied medical care. No more working with the charming yet infuriating Dr. Tucker.
Hope the Escape Artist can afford to act generous. As parting gift to Montreal, city of festivals (and murderers), she could help Elvis out. Just asking a few questions won’t hurt anyone.
And so Hope plunges into her most unconventional and, possibly, her most terminal adventure yet. Where the magical art of escape and the dastardly art of crime vie for centre stage,and the better man may lose. Forever.

The third Hope Sze novel.

A Kobo Top 50 eBook

The Editor’s Pick at Kobo Next

 Available as an e-book or in trade paperback.


No air face mask

This is the real E.R. No murder. No romance.   Just an ordinary day in the emerg, where Hope almost kills a patient.

A radio drama episode now available as an eBook.


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