Middle Grade

The Popcorn Girl Meets Darwin Jones, by Melissa Yuan

Winner of the InnermoonLit Award for Best First Chapter of a Novel (2008)

Julia Sharpe predicted she’d find romance on November 22nd.

Darwin Jones saunters into town, right on schedule.

That thud you’re hearing? Julia’s twelve-year-old heart dropping out of her body and into the nearest Ottawa snowbank.

In the olden days, like last year, they used to think that only boys could tell the future, and only about one in a thousand boys at that.

Julia Sharpe proved them wrong. She can read the future using popcorn kernels. That’s right, popcorn. And she’s only twelve! It’s a (gag) puberty thing. So Julia’s got some sort of edge, right?

But her popcorn left out some important details. Like whether Darwin would care if she was alive. And now her popcorn’s not telling her anything, period.

After Darwin’s family moves in, Julia and all the other fortunetellers get sick and can’t tell the future any more.

Game over.

Or is it?

How can Julia save the day and get Darwin to fall in like with her at the same time?

“a fresh use of language to spin a storyline that is at once universally familiar and intriguingly original.” –Brian Agincourt Massey’s verdict, selecting THE POPCORN GIRL MEETS DARWIN JONES for first place in the 2008 InnermoonLit Award for Best First Chapter of a Novel.

Available on the KindleiPad, Kobo, Nook & Sony ereader formats.


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