Young Adult

hit list POD cover-2013-200

Jimmy can talk to animals. No big deal, probably part of his Mohawk heritage. He’s been doing it for the past six years, and now he’s just another 14-year-old too smart for school, a.k.a. jail.

But one day, Coyote tells him, “You have to go to school.” She won’t take no for an answer. “There’s going to be trouble.”

Turns out a bully’s slashing his way through a hit list, starting with one of the vice principals and closing in on Jimmy himself at number four.

Now Jimmy’s got to protect them all–with some help from the birds and the beasts.

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Luke Gallagher rules the world as the luckiest guy on the planet.  Well, not literally.  But he gets the grades, the girls, and the goals ever since he rubbed the belly of the Laughing Buddha statue in Chinatown at age 13. Magic or coincidence?

Five years later, his luck drops in the crapper.  Now Luke’s got to shovel his way out, past a bully and his jealous best friend, and maybe, just maybe, find true love.

In LUCKY NOW AND ZEN, readers ride the rollercoaster of Zen Buddhism, magic, weirdness, and first year university from the perspective of an ordinary guy falling from grace and building it back up again. It should appeal to fans of Nick Hornby and Neil Gaiman.

Now available on KindleSmashwords.


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